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Her Majesty Brewing Label Purple Her Majesty Brewing Sign Mockup

Her Majesty Brewing 2020

This is a conceptual brand design of a craft brew company and beer labels for Her Majesty Brewing. I made the brewing company from the Beatles song "Her Majesty", playing off the musical nod the beer names are also nods to rock songs. Along with the names I wanted to create illustrations that had a royal theme, but also worked with a beer brand. Making a skull with a crown that represents the "Killer Queen", a skull with a mustache to represent "Wheat King", and goblets with a hops design for the "Glitter and Gold". I created a clean colourful look to the labels with emphasis on the illustrations and logo. This brand design included a brewing logo, beer labels, coasters, bottle cap design, signage and ads.

Created using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Her Majesty Brewing Label Purple Her Majesty Brewing Label BlueHer Majesty Brewing Label OrangeBottle Cap Design
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