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Weird Brew Web Redesign 2020

This is a conceptual redesign of the logo and website of Weird Brew I was to update their Website to reflect a new brand the company wanted but also keep the feel of their original brand. I made the new logo for Weird Brew using a decorative font to create a rock and roll feel that represents the original brand. For the website I created a simple colour palette of neutrals but with a warm pop of colour to add interest. Using the decorative font from the logo paired with a simple sans-serif font to create an interesting but clean topographic treatment. Creating a responsive web design that would look good on any screen size, this conceptual redesign would make Weird Brew a more modern branded logo and website.

Created using Adobe Illustrator, XD, and InDesign.

Weird Brew Mock-up Home PageWeird Brew Mock up Responsive Design
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